The Multiplication Tables
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Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables, Fast, Fun & Easy with Dazzling Patterns, Grids and Tricks!TEACHER'S EDITION

With the TEACHER'S EDITION of Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables, parents and teachers can easily correct students' work. Answers are filled in on each page. There are no blank pages for students. A preface explains the TeaCHildMath™ method.

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables will help your child or classroom discover patterns for tables 1-10. Patterns enhance recall. Designed for Grades 2 -4, this innovative workbook can be used as a primary or supplemental text in the classroom, homeschool or with special needs children.

Our Fun & Effective Strategies Develop:
Critical Thinking Skills
Understanding of Multiplication Principles
Automatic Recall of Tables 1-10

Teachers: Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables brings the magic of math into the classroom.

: Use Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables to give your child a head start in math, homeschool or supplement classroom instruction. Mastery of the multiplication tables is essential to your child's academic success.Samples

Instill in children a love of numbers and fascination with math.
Discovery Makes Learning Fun!
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