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The recognition of patterns is a creative way to have students develop understanding for the concept of multiplication. Pattern analysis should be part of the elementary study in mathematics as it is also viewed as foundational skills for algebraic reasoning.

Michael Kestner
Mathematics and Science Partnership Program
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
United States Department of Education

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables is everything I think a multiplication workbook should be, and my daughter thinks it's lots of fun. Set around a circus theme, the book is child-friendly with lots of pictures, large print, and plenty of space for writing the answers. The best part of this book, however, is that rote memorization is not the goal, rather understanding the inherent patterns is.

My daughter works through this workbook at her own pace, whenever she's in the mood for it, and she's already had quite a few "ah-ha!" moments as she recognizes and predicts the various patterns.

Ruth Pell
California Homeschool News

Many children struggle learning and recalling multiplication facts, and need other techniques rather than rote memorization to master these skills. Eugenia Francis’ workbook utilizes wonderful, brain-compatible strategies and methods to do so – such as learning to recognize and attend to patterns for each of the multiplication tables, using memory tricks/mnemonics, and other engaging and fun techniques. I recommend Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables as a helpful resource for children to learn the math facts and understand the principles of multiplication.

Sandra Rief, author of How to Reach & Teach Children with ADD/ADHD; co-author of How to Reach & Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom.

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables is a wonderfully entertaining, clear, and memorable way to understand multiplication and to learn the times tables! Younger students will also benefit from this book; cute characters and cartoon creatures appear on each page. As soon as the book arrived, my 5 year old daughter was eager to work on it. Pattern after pattern in the 10 by 10 multiplication grid are highlighted, making multiplication easy to understand and facts easy to remember. Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables is one of my top picks for 3rd graders at

Linda Burks
Los Altos, California

The essence of mathematics is patterns. Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables enables children to experience the joy of discovering mathematical patterns at an early age. Highly recommended for both parents and teachers.

Charles Curto
Irvine, California

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables, Fast, Fun & Easy with Dazzling Patterns, Grids and Tricks provides children with something new to discover on each page. Eugenia Francis has combined all of the best instructional methods into one comprehensive workbook. Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables is full of animated pictures that will excite and capture a child's imagination. I give it "two thumbs up" for its creative illustrations and effective mathematical teaching techniques.

M.G. Tubb
Math Teacher
San Clemente High School
San Celmente, California

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables, Fast, Fun & Easy with Dazzling Patterns, Grids and Tricks is terrific! It is working beautifully with our grandchildren. They are fascinated with the easy patterns and tricks. Finally, multiplication is fun! We wish we'd had this workbook for our own children and eliminated all those agonizing hours at the kitchen table. We highly recommend this book to parents and grandparents of second and third graders.

Bill and Helen McCracken
Irvine, California

Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables excels at bringing the fun back to mathematics. Rather than laboring the standard techniques for the multiplication tables, the author focuses on innovative patterns. The learning process is less about memorization and more about discovery. This book should be praised for its success in making learning fun again. Your child might even think he/she is playing a game instead of practicing math. Highly recommended.

Lauren Cotner
Irvine, California

Eugenia Francis has created an easy, entertaining way of teaching the multiplication tables. My nieces and nephews loved the circus motif and coloring in the animals as they did each page. With all the grids, patterns and games, Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables would be especially helpful to children with special learning needs. Who knew there were patterns & tricks to the multiplication tables instead of endless hours of rote memorization I had as a child? Finally, learning the times tables is fast, fun and easy!

Betty Nelson
Dallas, Texas

As an elementary teacher years ago and a grandmother now, I suspect Teach Your Child the Multiplication Tables will prove a captivating page-turner, since it will enthrall each of its young users as they move from evaluating votes for circus snacks to helping Ringmaster Rudy run the circus. If educators are not fully aware of this gem, they should be.

Susan B. Barry
Austin, Texas

An ONLINE INTERVIEW with Home Education Magazine can be found on: In the interview, Eugenia Francis discusses the benefits of her method for children with special needs.

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